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Create a stylish sanctuary in any room with luxurious leather furniture handcrafted by the leather experts at The Leather Sofa Company. The smooth natural elegance of leather has long been a favorite of many for its durability, resistance to stains, graceful and attractive aging and its ability to provide enduring style, elegance and class. Visit any of our furniture stores in Dallas, or any of our other locations to experience firsthand the soft, supple leathers of our premium leather furniture.

Living rooms, dens, entertainment rooms or any room becomes the centerpiece of your home drawing guests and family alike to the comfort of your stylish leather furniture. The Leather Sofa Company offers fine leather furniture in more than 120 colors and finishes to perfectly elevate any style, and any color scheme in your home. Just drop by any of our furniture stores in Dallas or any of our other locations to experience the full visual impact of our extensive line of colors and finishes.

The Leather Sofa Company | Furniture Stores in Dallas
Furniture no longer has to be a bland point in an otherwise delightfully designed room. Leather furniture in a color and finish that complement the style of your room will elevate without overwhelming, complement without distracting and provide the comfort and long lasting beauty you insist upon. Insist upon the best; select your next leather furniture from The Leather Sofa Company and visit any of our furniture stores in Dallas or any of our other six locations in Texas.

Recliners are popular for the downtime relaxation of feet-up that they provide. After a hard day at work you will want to lean back, put your feet up and relax in the smooth comfort of a fine leather recliner.

Not everyone chooses a recliner; others prefer the comfort and versatility of a leather ottoman for putting their feet up, while retaining the ability to use it for extra seating when guests fill the home.

The Leather Sofa Company offers versatile leather ottomans available in a variety of heights, sizes and design available in all our colors and finishes. We offer a selection of cushioning materials to ensure the comfort level of your choice in all of our leather furniture, as well as options such as legs, stitching, trim and tack. When you're in Texas, stop by and visit any of our furniture stores in Dallas, Lewisville, Fort Worth, Grapevine, Frisco or Dallas, we will be delighted to see you and show you our quality leather furniture.

We offer the timeless and elegant tufted leather sofa for formal and old world style to name a few; the plush deep comfort of an overstuffed leather sofa; elegant theater furniture for the dedicated Home Theater or the more versatile Entertainment Room, and a large selection of furniture styles to perfectly suit your rooms style.

In addition, The Leather Sofa Company offers a variety of Damascus tables for a unique beauty that is sure to be the conversation piece of any gathering.

The Leather Sofa Company takes the guess work out of selecting leather for your furniture. You won't have to worry that you are getting a poor quality of leather. That's because The Leather Sofa Company only uses supple full grain leather and top grain leather, the finest grades of leathers available in the industry. Drop in for a visit to any of our furniture stores in Dallas or other locations to experience the superb elegance of handcrafted leather furniture.

With our master craftsmen and leather artisans using the finest materials money can buy, you can be assured of receiving top quality, luxurious leather furniture in your choice of style, color, finish and optional legs, stitching and more.

The Leather Sofa Company provides seven locations in Texas for your convenience. If you are located outside of Texas we welcome you to visit our furniture stores in Dallas or any of our showrooms. Otherwise shop our site and feel free to call for further information and assistance when ordering our fine handcrafted leather furniture entirely made in USA! Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service agents will be more than happy to assist you.

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