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Contemporary leather furniture is popular for its clean lines and affinity for open space. With strong lines and smooth forms, contemporary style should lack clutter and crowding using minimal accessories. Essentially, less is more.

Contemporary colors should reflect simple sophistication. Creams, beiges, tans, pastels, white and black are the foundation of contemporary colors. Combinations these colors flow smoothly and then rooms are easily accented with brighter colors. For example, a white theme with a touch of green or gold creates interest.

Contemporary style begins with open space and focuses on function. Too few furnishings can make a large open room appear unfinished and too much will look cluttered. Balancing space and paying attention to placement of contemporary leather furniture groupings provides the pleasing practicality of modern styling.

Contemporary Leather Furniture
In a contemporary room, contemporary leather furniture provides the very sophistication that the style embodies. The bare concrete, tile or wood floors typical of contemporary style are the perfect accompaniment to leather furniture. Contemporary allows for rule bending, one of the factors that make it so popular. You certainly wouldn't want to use wicker tables or a rug right out of your grandmother's house, but you can use contemporary style rugs and even neutral carpets.

Contemporary leather furniture works well with chrome and steel legs if you like the appearance of metal. It assists in bouncing light for more shine in your space as well, and can allow for a more adventurous aspect to be added to your contemporary decor. It is especially an especially effective element when used with a black leather couch, and adds extra sophistication to a creamy white leather couch.

For a large space with high, lofty ceilings use contemporary chandeliers, or cosmopolitan pendant lights to give the appearance of less height. This draws the eye down, and goes extremely well with contemporary leather furniture.

The Leather Sofa Company provides numerous styles in contemporary leather furniture. With more than 120 choices in colors and finishes you are sure to find leather that suits your style. Contemporary doesn't have to be all about lines and angles, and we have contemporary designs that allow for curve, and sweeping frames to add flair and remain in the context of contemporary style.

Custom and handcrafted you are assured of the best quality construction, the highest grades of leathers and options to fit all styles.

The Leather Sofa Company will provide the assistance you need in choosing your contemporary leather furniture to ensure you receive the fine quality, custom leather furniture you desire to elevate your life.

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