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Today's modern leather furniture has moved beyond the rock hard Victorian style sofa your grandmother had in her parlor for the arrival of special guests. Today's modern leather furniture combines comfort, style, beauty, quality and fine craftsmanship with custom leather furniture you can actually live with.

Modern leather furniture accommodates all styles in today's personalized market. Whether your style is classic traditional, sophisticated contemporary, earthy rustic/western, suave modern, progressive transitional, or if you're in need of comfortable seating for the new theater room The Leather Sofa Company covers your style, and provides luxurious comfort.

With more than 120 colors and finishes available, and providing options in stitching, nails cushions and more, you can rest assured our experts can provide exactly what you are looking for in leather furniture, to give you the personalized style you crave.

Modern Leather Furniture
Handcrafted using only the finest materials and hand selected premium top and full-grain leathers, The Leather Sofa Company ensures each step of the way that you are receiving a first quality product produced by master craftsmen. Each of our craftsmen is specialists, and together comprises a team whose end goal is the best craftsmanship available. This assures your new custom crafted modern leather furniture receives the meticulous attention of superb craftsmanship to each and every detail of your new leather furniture.

Our friendly and experienced sales staff can assist you in your choices, answering all your questions, guiding you in the appropriate selection of leather for your needs and choices. Our sales staff truly goes the extra mile to assure you receive the leather furniture you desire.

The Leather Sofa Company provides premium handcrafted modern leather furniture, proudly made in Lewisville, Texas.

With 5 locations in Texas available for your walk-in shopping, or available online, our fine furniture is in American homes nationwide. Apply for credit through Wells Fargo in any of our showrooms to begin enjoying a fine American product.

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