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Most of us like to surround ourselves with the things we love. The years pass by and before we know it we have a 'collection' that can take over a space. When you decide it's time for change and want to tame extensive collections, take control and think of ways to incorporate your favorites into a rooms design.

Paring down a collection can be a painful process but is well worth it in the end. Don't think of it as ridding yourself of beloved objects, but of using your favorites as part of a stylish, and organized design. When purchasing new furniture we often want to update the room, especially for those who have purchased stylish new authentic leather furniture. Here is how to begin:

Choose your favorites and set them aside to use in your design. Move the remainder to another room, box up, sell off or gift those that can't be a part of a rooms design.

Turning Clutter into Style | Furniture Stores in Grapevine
Replica Models:
Use collectibles that are within the scope of a rooms theme. You wouldn't want to use model race cars in a country kitchen, but you could incorporate those antiques model trucks into it, and use the race cars in the man cave, workshop or a sports themed room.

Wine and Liquor Bottles:
I once visited the home of an art collector with an open living space and a view to die for. The leather furniture was futuristic style with leather and stainless steel. Just off of this huge open space was the dining area leading into a sleek, stylish kitchen.

My friend was a colored glass bottle collector, and incorporated it into the home during the design process. A glass divider was used as a stunning accent wall between the kitchen and dining room. The lighted shelves were filled entirely with green bottles coordinating nicely with their apple green kitchen and dining room.

Amber and rare red bottles created a dramatic bar display in his home office complete with a mirrored wall behind, glass shelving and lighting just like in a bar. This theme would also fit well in a dining area or entertainment room and is stunning when used with leather furniture.

Think similar theme, compatible colors, and display. A stylish way to display those ceramic, glass vases or quaint pottery is to use shelving on a wall set at different heights.

Choose colors that will fit in with your rooms color scheme. For example, in a room with white walls and black leather furniture use vases containing those colors as well as colors in other furnishings then display a single vase of a contrasting color. If the vases you display are black and gray for example, throw in a large turquoise blue or a bright red vase. It should be the largest vase as it is a focal point. This will provide a spot of color in an otherwise neutral room.

That's the effect that will make collections double up as accessories, and remember the decorative guide of less is more.

Keep safety in mind as tall bottles and narrow shelves can be a recipe for a concussion. Use shelving with a lip to help prevent tall objects from sliding off the shelf. Invisible harnesses can be bought or made that attach to a wall. Keep safety first.

Wooden Cigar Boxes, Photographs, and Family Keepsakes:
Wooden cigar boxes can be incorporated into a space by using them as an artistic display in a glass topped table with storage. Use the boxes themselves to store the objects that would otherwise sit on top of the table, and place other objects around them. Granddad's old pipe and pocket watch along with their wedding picture would provide a nostalgic memory when incorporated with wooden cigar boxes. This technique can also be used with display boxes placed on tables, shelves or walls, and is useful for dressing up collectibles while working great with many leather furniture styles, including contemporary leather furniture and transitional styles.

A table with old photographs in frames coordinating with your style next to a quality leather chair is a good way to memorialize a lost loved one. Similarly, a single table 'overstuffed' with photos is generally acceptable in bedrooms, music rooms, and dressing ones. There is always room for love in a home. Don't like it, you can always place just a few favorites.

Doll Collection:
Doll collections can be difficult to design around. Create 'doll nooks' for them. Place dolls seated at a table complete with tea sets and toy cupcakes for example.

A friend once asked for help with her doll collection. Two walls of her living room were tall glass cases housing dolls. "I love my dolls but feel that I am in a doll shop", she complained. Paring down her collection wasn't an option for her.

When you're unwilling to let a collection go the best advice is to improve what you have. In her case I chose to break it up visually. Her bride and groom dolls were placed beneath an arched wedding bower with tiny silk roses intertwined upon the bower in the displays center.

Among her collection were a Victorian mother and infant, complete with bassinette and rocking chair. Adding a dollhouse fireplace with battery operated glowing flames, and a dollhouse rug completed the scene.

Arrangements were created in 5 locations of each 20 plus foot wall of displays. Two close to each side and one in the center. This succeeded in breaking up the "doll shop" effect and she loved it. Until her death she had a lot of fun "redecorating and designing rooms" for her "babies".

Treasured Heirlooms:
Grandmother's glass jewelry doesn't have to remain in storage and most of it isn't so valuable that you can't display it. Purchase a small twig tree with small lights to display her jewelry. You want to ensure the branches are sturdy enough to hold the weight without drooping. Branches can be reinforced if necessary.

Clip on earrings are a cinch to attach to a twig. Broaches can be attached with wire. Placing a picture of her in a decorative frame beside the tree will create a nostalgic tribute to a beloved grandmother. When the lights are turned on grandmother's memory becomes a lovely accent surrounding you with the memory of her love.

Your home is your haven, use what you love and surround yourself with comfort. When clutter threatens to overwhelm the senses remember the design goal of less is more. You always have the option of storing the excess out of sight, providing a home that is comfortable, soothing and pleasing to the senses.

When you are ready to surround yourself in the comfort and beauty of leather furniture give us a call, shop our site or drop by one of our locations in Texas. The Leather Sofa Company provides premium quality leather furniture stores in Dallas, Grapevine, Frisco and Ft. Worth, Texas. Our friendly customer service agents are just a phone call away, and we will be happy to help you make your house a home with authentic, premium leather furniture.

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