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Premium leather furniture isn't made in automated factories. It is handcrafted by master craftsmen using only the finest materials available.

The Leather Sofa Company exclusively uses aniline dyed, top and full grain leather, the finest of all leather products.

Bovine hides are simply too thick to use in their natural state without being split into thinner layers. There are two primary grades of leather: top grain and split grain. Top grain leather is the surface layer of the split hide. It is the strongest, most durable part of the hide, as well as the supplest and the softest part of the hide. Leather that is not mechanically altered and is left in its natural state is called full grain leather and is made from top grain leather.

The lower layer on the hide is called split leather. It is stiffer and less durable than top grain leather. Split leather has less strength and durability because the fibers of the hide run in one direction, which leaves it more susceptible to cracking or tearing. The Leather Sofa Company does not use split leather. We provide only premium top grain, and full grain leather, thereby offering only the very best premium leather furniture available. 

Full aniline leather dyeing requires the very best of top and full grain hides with few imperfections. During the tanning process, the hides are soaked in translucent dye within large rotating stainless steel drums. The pores of the leather allow the dye to soak thoroughly, permeating it thoroughly and combines with the fibers to form an insoluble compound. This process colors the hide without obscuring natural markings or enhancing the subtle variations. The aniline dyeing process provides supple leather that stays softer and more pliable than leather in other finishes. Through the decades it will develop a beautiful patina that adds to its beauty as well as become even softer.

Aniline dyed, top grain and full grain leathers are premium leathers. No other leathers can compare in quality, beauty, durability and the ability to age gracefully becoming more beautiful over time.

When you order premium leather furniture from the Leather Sofa Company, you are assured of receiving only the very best leather available, finely crafted by our dedicated master craftsmen in Texas for the best leather furniture on the market. Give us a call, or visit our furniture stores in Dallas, TX or any of our five locations. Our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff will be happy to assist you.

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