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Everyone has their own preferences and opinions, especially when it involves a red leather couch. Options in using a red leather couch are to tone it down; balance it with a complementary shade; or to give it center stage. The following tips can create a beautiful room with a red leather couch.

If you want a contemporary style room along with a beautiful and elegant red leather sofa in a room where it is the sole shining star read on. Afterwards, we will discuss the Rustic style with a red sofa.

Perception in design is an individual characteristic. A neutral room with a red sofa is seen by many as an attempt to tone it down. That is often a misconception in my view. If you fall in love with a red leather sofa why not make it your focal point? You can achieve a contemporary room with a red leather couch by using the colors of white, grey, black or a mixture of these colors.

Embracing a Red Couch | Red Leather Couch 
Contemporary Style with a Red Leather Sofa:
Contemporary style is sleek, modern, and uses the minimalist approach with accessories. A contemporary sofa should have straight lines and a low back.

Walls and Flooring:
Choose a wall color in a shade of white or light grey. Select a light wood floor, white or light grey carpet, or area rugs in white, light grey, black and white, or any mix of these colors. A white fur area rug in front of the sofa will add warmth and texture. Other options are zebra skin or other area rugs using black or white. Black and white flooring can provide a dramatic statement but may distract from the red leather couch depending upon its shade of red. It will look fantastic with a bright red couch.

Other Furniture:
Other furniture should be in white, black or dark grey. Wood furniture will coordinate best if stained a dark shade.

Keep the use of red to a minimum. A large piece of Art with red in it will help to tie the room together. If you have white walls and black furniture, use pillows in black and white or grey and white. If red is used in pillows use it sparingly. Red in rugs can distract from the sofa, or add to it, if you use red in rugs use very little. A piece of art with a lot of red and a vase of red flowers will allow your lovely red sofa to draw the eye and take center stage!

Rustic / Lodge Style:
The Rustic style features vintage accessories, outdoor themes and cabin charm. Wood predominates in the walls and/or furniture. A rustic red leather couch will have rolled arms and a curved back. Chesterfields such as the Maestro impart an elegant flair to a rustic/lodge room. Chesterfield's were a part of the more affluent homes and ranches of the old west and plantation homes, and were found in upper class hotels and clubs of the 1800s. The Arezzo will also tie beautifully into a Rustic styled room.

If you desire a rustic decor with a red leather couch the selections surrounding the couch need to be considered carefully as you have several options. Rustic decor is typically warm with a lot of wood or woodsy browns.

If walls are not wood and are to be painted choose light browns or light to medium rich gold. Textured paint will soften the room and lend a rustic atmosphere. Paint a sample on the wall before you decide on wall color, as the red leather couch is available in various shades and one wall color may suit the sofa better than the other. Dark red leather sofas are a better choice for a room with a rustic/lodge look than bright red.

Rustic and lodge style features outdoor themed accessories and colors of red, brown, green, black, turquoise and sky blue and gold to name a few.

If you have a view-enjoy it. Just ensure the sun doesn't fall on your red leather couch. Drapes when used at all are typically plaid or solid. Wooden blinds may also be used. Use rustic signs, framed outdoor prints of landscape and wildlife, southwestern rugs, blankets, baskets and pottery. The use of these will enrich a rustic atmosphere.

Other furniture is wood with a rustic appearance and may be aged or not.

Flooring in a Rustic room with a red leather sofa is preferably wood. Lush area rugs can be utilized in western or lodge themes. To avoid competition between a rug and a red leather couch, choose a simple design with minimal pattern in muted colors or with only a small portion of the rug being colorful.

Lighting is a key component with Rustic Style. Wrought iron or black finishes, wood or rawhide are typical of modern Rustic/Lodge lighting. Prairie Style lighting goes well with the Rustic/Lodge style, select clear mica over yellow for use near a red leather sofa to avoid it making it appear orange. Recessed lighting over the sofa can provide lighting and serve as a soft spotlight on your beautiful red leather couch.

The Leather Sofa Company offers 120 colors and finishes of premium quality leather to fit any style. When you are ready to embrace a red leather couch in the style of your choice give us a call or drop by any of our five locations in Texas. We will happy to assist you. Thank you for visiting the Leather Sofa Company where dreams come true and are always created in the USA! We look forward to hearing from you.

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