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The Leather Sofa Company offers premium quality leather furniture online, and in our seven showrooms located in Texas. Handcrafted by our dedicated artisans in Lewisville, Texas, you are assured of receiving a product that is fully crafted in the USA. Give us a call if you require assistance, or drop by one of locations, we would love to meet you.

If you are shopping for leather furniture, the following will assist you in your selection by understanding the grades of leather. Leather furniture is available in different grades of quality and finish. The higher grades of leather furniture will both look beautiful and last much longer than furniture using lower grades of leather. Leather will by far outlast fabric upholstered furniture.

Grades of Leather | Modern Leather Furniture
The pattern and texture of a hide's surface determine its appearance and is called the grain. There are several types of leather grains to select from, each with their own features and benefits.

Top Grain vs. Full Grain Leather
The information regarding difference between top grain and full grain leather is often inaccurate on other websites. The confusion is almost always regarding Top Grain Leather.

Top Grain:

Some persons simply don't want the natural characteristics of full grain leather. They do not want the character provided by scars or wrinkles, and prefer a more uniform appearance. With the surface of a hide sanded away and a uniform imitation grain stamped onto the leather, they receive the appearance they desire, and it is called Top Grain Leather. Top Grain leather can also be said to be a corrected leather. It is not the number one quality of hide. It is the number two quality of hide. It is still a premium hide, but it does not have the number 1 designation, that belongs to full grain leather.

Full Grain:
Number 1 premium leathers are always full grain. The surface of the hide is unaltered, without any buffing or sanding. Full grain leather retains any natural marks on the hide that the animal received during life, such as scars from fencing, stretch marks and wrinkles. This creates a hide like no other and provides a unique appearance to each hide. Full grain leathers generally come from a better quality hide, and no sanding process is provided on the skin. Full grain leathers offer a 100% natural appearance and feel, and are dyed with transparent aniline dyes providing the color throughout, making scratches barely noticeable and generally easy to make 'disappear'.

Those furniture manufacturers and retailers who state that top grain leather is the only leather used on fine leather furniture are sorely mistaken. While top grain leathers are a premium leather they are not the number one grade of premium leather used on fine leather furniture. That distinction belongs to full grain leather, which provides the longest lasting leather furniture.

The Summary:
Fine leather furniture uses only two grains of leather, and the finest uses full grain leather upholstery. The next best classification of leather furniture uses top grain leather. Full grain will last longer than top grain because top grain leathers have been made thinner with the sanding process. Top grain leather won't last quite as long as full grain. Top grain leather however, may be softer because it is thinner. That will, however, depend upon the finish you select.

Top grain is a premium leather, and it is the selection of choice for those persons who want their leather furniture to have a more uniform grain without the natural scars and wrinkles that provide character for full grain leather furniture. As previously stated full grain leathers are the finest, and provide the best quality of hide. At The Leather Sofa Company we only use the top two grains/grades of hide, full grain leather and top grain leather. When you place your order, your leathers are hand selected and the handcrafting begins on your leather furniture.

Split Grain
Split grain leather comes from the weaker, less durable bottom portion of a split hide. Split grain is stamped and painted to provide the artificial appearance of top grain leather. Some manufacturers use split hide on the sides and back of leather furniture in order to provide a more affordable price. The Leather Sofa Company uses only the best, top or full grain leathers that you have indicated you want used.

Aniline Leather
Aniline leather is typically full-grain leather that has been dyed throughout its thickness. Aniline leather is usually softer and more supple than other types of leather. Aniline dyed leather is placed in a rotating drum until the color is throughout the thickness of the leather. Small scratches are unnoticeable and may be gently 'brushed or rubbed away'. Small tears will also be less noticeable, due to the color being consistent throughout the leather thickness. In addition, all natural aniline dyed leathers are better for those who suffer allergies.

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