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An enduring American legend, leather remains among the most popular choices today among upholstery options in furniture.

When shopping furniture stores in Grapevine Texas, check out our fine quality leather couch and other premium leather furniture custom made by The Leather Sofa Company in Texas, USA!

The following discusses a few of the most popular leather furniture finishes to assist you in ensuring the correct choice of leather for your new furniture.

Furniture generally receives a lot of use in the home or office and this requires durability. When carefully chosen to complement your style, it elevates the home or office environment while providing lush comfort.

Selecting Leather for Style and Function
Leather lends an air of class, and depending upon the style it can also add a warm ambiance, a cool sophistication or elegant luxury. Once you have made a selection based upon your style, a choice of leather is selected to complement it that best suits your needs in upholstery and decor.

Aniline Dyed
All of our leathers are aniline dyed, which means the dye permeates the hide completely with a transparent color. It provides a natural beauty and is soft to the touch, but with no further finish, it provides no protection from stains or fading. Each aniline hide will have its own individual characteristics making it unique. It will age beautifully, but may not be the correct choice for active families due to its lack of stain protection.

Finished Leathers
Finished leathers are a good choice if you demand exceptional durability and high performance. Finished leathers possess a more uniform color throughout the hide, and are the most common leather sold. There are many variants among finished leathers to choose from, including the degree of softness, protection finishes and ease of cleaning.

Distressed Leathers
Distressed leathers are artificially aged for consumers who want to add a fine antique appearance to their decor.

Shop one of The Leather Sofa Company's five locations or give us a call to explore our numerous leather choices available for your new leather furniture.

With custom leather furniture masterfully created by The Leather Sofa Company, visit our furniture store in Grapevine and let us personalize your comfort to a whole new level.


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