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Luxurious leather is comfortable, classy, durable, easy to care for, soft and smooth to touch. Nothing speaks of affluence and style like the enduring quality of leather. When leather furniture is seriously considered, it doesn't take long to realize that leather is actually the best buy.

On average leather furniture lasts five times longer than fabric upholstery. It also ages beautifully, improving with time and acquiring a soft sheen. Leather is a natural product, maintaining a room temperature and adapts to your body temperature in a snap.

Leather adapts to almost any style. At The Leather Sofa Company our large selection of aniline dyed leathers, styles, finishes and custom options enables leather to take center stage, or blend flawlessly into the environment in which it is placed.

Luxurious Leather Furniture in Frisco, TX
Offering sofas, chairs, ottomans, theater seating, sectionals, loveseats and recliners, custom made in Texas, USA with premium top-grain leathers and old fashioned American pride in our craftsmanship. This assures a quality product, focusing on each of the details from design to completion, one piece at a time.

The Leather Sofa Company began with the mission to provide luxurious leather furniture of superior quality, custom crafted for comfort and beauty in any style.

When you expect first quality, custom comfort and personalized style, visit The Leather Sofa Company at any of its five locations in the Dallas/Fort Worth and surrounding areas, including our furniture store in Frisco, TX. Our dedicated sales staff will be happy to assist you in your choice of leather furniture for home or office.

Furniture Stores in Frisco, TX
The Leather Sofa Company provides genuine leather furniture to fit any budget, with on site credit applications taken by any of our stores through Wells Fargo Financial National Bank.

Shop online, or visit our furniture store in Frisco, TX, open 7 days a week for your convenience.

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