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For a muted version of southwestern style use textured white, beige or light gold for walls. Sparse accessories provide a calmer more minimalist effect, and allow the beautiful texture of walls to display more prominently.

The Leather Sofa Company provides premium quality leather furniture with styles to complement any design. Handcrafted with superior materials and craftsmanship, you can count on the enduring quality of our furniture to continue providing an element of beauty in your homes design.

Southwestern Style is a warm and inviting style generally using a lot of color that brings to mind adobe walls, pottery and the colors of a desert sunset. Colors are of beige sand and green cactus, sunsets in blue, coral, reds, and purples, the shades of red, brown, black and white canyon walls, of blue turquoise and desert sky. The variations in the colors of the southwest are numerous, and allow for more options than almost any other style from the simple use of black and white to the full spectrum of nature inspired southwestern colors.

Textured paint adds a greater level of style to walls and when combined with a Kiva style fireplace adds sophistication. Faux painting techniques provide a more dimensional wall treatment, whereas texture brings to mind stone and adobe. When using textured paint it adds the potential for sculptural accents to walls that easily double up for use as a place of display for woven baskets and pottery.

The many color options for southwestern style leaves room for many different effects. Skeptics have never seen a contemporary or rustic Arezzo style black leather couch sitting atop a black and white Chinle, or Yei Navaho rug, with an arrangement of various sizes of black and white pottery clustered around a kiva style fireplace. It is where contemporary meets southwestern a style where past and present meet and complement each other in a modern home.

Textiles of the Southwestern-style are inspired by American Indians of the region. Navajo rugs and blankets are featured and placed prominently. Be cautious not to use too many patterns to prevent conflict and discord, what many people call "busy". For example, an upholstered sofa in a southwestern pattern would most likely conflict with a large brightly patterned rug. A solid color couch with a mix of solid and a few patterned pillows would be far more harmonious.

For a stylish upgrade choose a leather couch in a color of the southwest. Brown leather couches are popular, and distressed leather looks great. A large patterned rug on the floor and a blanket "tossed" over the couch is generally sufficient. If you feel you need another piece, choose a Navaho rug for wall display, or on a stair rail.

Unadorned polished wood in a rustic style is lovely and fabrics are leather, suede, wool or cotton. Wrought iron is commonly used in lighting and lamps and may feature western motifs.

A single large Kachina with 1 or 2 smaller ones prominently displayed makes a beautiful display. Rugs in western style are typically brightly colored, but muted shades of the southwest will work if the shades complement the colors of the room. A large framed Navaho turquoise necklace makes a delightful accessory. Flat or bowl style baskets woven in natural reeds and grasses in a mix of sizes make a very nice touch on shelves or a wall, especially when accompanied by primitive masks.

Many persons love the southwestern theme but find the brightly colored textiles to simply be too bright or "busy" for their taste. If this is you think of the colors of sand paintings which have muted colors as well as bright. You can also have the beauty of southwestern style pottery in simple black and white or brown and tan. Sources when you need to make your own are ceramic shops, you can choose your colors, and even paint your own!

Common themes of the southwest are Kokopelli the flute player, gecko lizards and cacti. You don't have to limit yourself to these however; anything southwestern or Native American Indian will also be in keeping with the design.

Cacti and succulents, planted in bowl style pottery add to the southwestern theme and make a nice accent and require little care.

With so many colors to choose from it is simple to find a color scheme you love. Like contemporary as well as southwestern style? Blend the two, the colors and furniture of contemporary style, mix in some textiles of the southwest and the rustic element of beams, and a kiva or rustic style fireplace and you have a beautiful blended style all your own.

If you don't have a fireplace you can still add the element of fire to the space by use of a chiminea. Of course you can't have a "real" fire indoors without a chimney, but you can burn candles in a chiminea or gel fuel.

Use a few floating shelves around the fireplace or on a wall for the display of special pottery or baskets that you want to showcase. Small adjustable battery operated lighting shining upwards in a 'V' shape will highlight each display and create a lighted showpiece.

Tables are of wood. A gnarled and polished wood table provides a wonderful addition of both natural and rustic elements sure to uplift the room. Rustic wood floors, such as light natural hickory or oak, or rustic and worn reclaimed wood are a perfect complement to this style. If your homes natural maple wood floors or carpet aren't going away use large rugs under the furniture.

Furniture can be of upholstery, suede, wool or leather. Textiles can have a pattern of the southwest, or be solid in color. Solid will provide a more contemporary touch as well as less pattern to the room.

If you use upholstery with a pattern and plan to use a southwestern style rug under it you must be cautious to avoid having too much pattern. One or the other should be toned down on pattern and color to prevent a conflict and clash.

Leather furniture is the best option for furniture in a southwestern style room. It is a natural product, available in a very large selection of aniline dye colors, provides an assortment of stitching choices, outlasts any upholstery hands down, it ages gracefully and time only increases its beautiful patina.

Upholstery on the other hand, does not improve with age. Wear simply makes it appear "dowdy" as it ages.

The truth is the sleek look of leather elevates the southwestern room, or any room for that matter. Leather furniture provides the colors of the southwest, you can choose from a host of earthy variants of brown for brown leather couches, you can even choose the deep black of a star studded night sky with a black leather couch, or an adventurous spirit may want a red leather couch reminiscent of canyon walls. With the correct colors, lighting and natural materials of wood and stone, yes dusky reds can blend seamlessly with a southwestern room.

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