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Tufted leather provides an elegant look and complements almost any style from traditional to modern leather style furniture.

Tufted leather today comes in all styles. The style of the furniture's frame determines whether a tufted leather will appear elegant and refined, casual, a cool modern, warm European or handsomely masculine.

Tufted furniture will also influence a room's appearance depending upon the style leather, its color and texture. The addition of nail heads, the type of stitching and other options available will greatly refine the appearance of tufted leather furnishings for a more elegant or rustic finish for example.

The Elegance of Tufted Leather
Tufting creates firm support to furniture, and the addition of a large lumbar pillow can be added to the back frame to make it more comfortable for lounging, as can buttery soft leather upholstery. Other options are tufted backs and flat cushions for a softer seating surface with a firmer back support.

Tufted leather ottomans are a popular substitute for coffee tables as they provide additional seating and with a tray can be used as a table surface.

A deep pleat in the leather between the tufts creates a diamond or square pattern, this is true tufting.

Button-back upholstery is considered a form of tufting. A dimple is created in the leather and padding to create the pattern, but lacks the pleating between the tufts and the dimple is not as deep as it is in true tufting. Button-back upholstery allows the buttons to be upholstered in same, coordinating or contrasting colors for a more tailored appearance.

Tufted Leather can elevate many styles of furniture. It lends elegance to living rooms, offices and clubs. On chairs and ottomans it imparts classy style to mega walk-in closets and dressing rooms, really almost any room can benefit from the luxurious appeal of tufting as can almost any style.

Visit our website or any of our five showrooms to choose your luxurious leather furniture or view tufted leather options.

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