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The Leather Sofa Company provides handcrafted pure aniline dyed genuine leather seating in configurations for the media room or the home theater. Browse our theater seating to view available configurations of each line.

When you are unsure whether you need a media room or a home theater, this article can assist you in the decision.

Media Room vs. Home Theater
Media Room:

First of all, do you plan to mix entertaining with movies or music? Next, will you be using the media system for gaming or music for a party? Finally, is it important to you that the media room be flexible for different uses?
If your answer was yes to these questions, a home media room is what will best fit your needs. If your answer was no, then a home theater may be your best choice.

Media Room Experience:
A media room is a multipurpose space containing a large flat-screen television, surround sound and comfortable seating. Friends and family gather there to watch the big game, a movie and entertaining results in the party being held mainly here. 

Media room seating is more flexible than in a home theater; chairs can be broken down from conversation spaces to screen facing positions. Comfortable sofas, recliners and loveseats are positioned for the activity at hand, rather than forward facing seating only. Televisions are large enough for everyone to see. A media room allows you to do more than just watch movies in the space. You can socialize with the family, play with your children, and talk to friends while watching television or you can read while others watch TV. 

Rather than industry standard sound proofing, a media room uses carpeting, drapes and furniture to quiet the noise. 

Home Theater:
First, do you want the magic of the cinema experience duplicated in your home? Next, do you have a space in your home that can be solely dedicated to duplicating the cinema experience for movies only? Finally, does your home already have a location where family and friends gather to watch television or play games?
If you answered yes to these questions talk to an electronic systems specialist about installing a home theater.

Home Theater Experience: 
A home theater is for those who want the full movie theater experience. When lights are down, reading, conversation or coloring with a child is out. Ambient light sets the pre-movie mood and when the lights go down all eyes go to the screen. The home theater mimics the magic of the movie theater.

Newer models of projection screens perform better in higher ambient light, but the idea still prevails to prevent light from falling on the screen. Subtle lighting is used and lights are preferably on remote control dimmers.

In a theater a hush falls when the lights go down, the anticipation is there. Don't scrimp on sound; it's half of the experience. In a movie theatre a helicopter sounds as if it is all around you, a gunshot makes you jump. The unexpected appearance of a monster on the screen will catch your attention, but it's the sudden loud, growly sound it makes that gives you the creeps and makes you jump.

The other part of the home theater equation is the room's setup. Comfortable home theater seating is a must, as is the proper acoustics to absorb sound. Seating is generally arranged in rows, facing forward to replicate the movie theater environment. In this configuration, all viewers can view the screen, as well as experience sound in the way both were intended.

Seating for the Media Room or Home Theater
Not sure what you need? Give us a call, or visit any of our 5 locations in Texas for assistance in ordering your theater seating. We will be glad to help or answer any questions you may have about our products for media room furniture, home theater furniture or any leather furniture needs that you have.

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