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The transitional style combines elements from both traditional and contemporary styles. It is an option for those who find modern contemporary uninviting, and traditional style overly ornate and old fashioned. The transitional style provides a quietly sophisticated style of decor, as well as leather furniture in Dallas for your home.

In transitional style furniture, the lines may be straight without the sharp edges of the modern contemporary style, or the style can feature soft, graceful curves without any of the extremes often seen in traditional furniture. Transitional furniture is typically of medium scale, and gender neutral in design. The style provides quiet beauty, and comfortable sophistication with the open spaces of the contemporary style, and an uncomplicated minimalist environment for a restful room.

Fabrics can be used to impart texture for interest, always using solid colors without patterns. You will find linen, corduroy and chenille prominent in the style, with leather being the first choice for furniture. Drapes are simple and are of solid color, and allow natural light to filter in. The focus of transitional style, is on pure beautiful simplicity.

Transitional Style | Leather Furniture Dallas
Colors are quietly neutral, with creamy whites such as shades of vanilla and ivory, tan and beige providing a serene and restful room to relax in. Fabrics are solid in color. You may add interest with texture using linen, chenille and other textured fabrics without patterns.

As previously stated, leather is the upholstery of choice for the transitional style of leather furniture in Dallas. It is popular in the style for the sophistication it imparts, the comfort it provides, the organic element that complements the style and the durability it provides.

Typical colors for a transitional leather couch are taupe, tan, vanilla, ivory and other shades of creamy white.

The transitional style of leather furniture in Dallas provides a casual style with uncomplicated sophistication and quiet comfort.

The style utilizes the minimalism of the contemporary style in a quiet neutral focus. Wall art framed in simple black or silver metal with white matting are used with subdued photographic art, rather than paint or print. A touch of Zen will work well with the style and provide elements of the natural world with organic features of the style. Natural features are simple bamboo, an orchid, natural un-dyed baskets, simple pottery, aged wood and natural stone such as is used on fireplaces. When using the elements of a 2nd style, use them sparsely, and no more than two styles should be mixed.

Hardwood floors are popular, typically the lighter species of wood is used in flooring. For carpet flooring, select a light colored neutral shade. Area rugs should also use neutral colors and are textured Berber, hides or sisal.

Allow natural light to enter the room as well, transitional style is all about a peaceful and restful room. Electric lighting should be of an uncomplicated contemporary style, neither overly large or too small.

High Quality Furniture
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