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When the style Rustic is mentioned, many people think of things too worn for their taste. There are people who love this degree of rustic, if you love it, use it. But if your idea of rustic is more at home in elegant log cabins and lodges your style is actually Rustic Elegance.

Rustic elegance is most often seen in lovely log cabins with their elegant rustic lodge decor. However, log walls are not required for the rustic elegance style. Rustic elegance easily fits in with contemporary, ranch, traditional, stucco and even some classic homes, and of course the proverbial log home.

Walls can be stucco, wide plank, stone or even paint in warm earthy colors. Large stone fireplaces predominate, with large beam mantles. These mantles can be distressed wood, smooth wood, ornately carved wood or even large cut native stone. If you lack the space for a large fireplace, consider a smaller domed or fluted style fireplace with stucco finish. Ceilings generally sport large support beams, and rustic chandeliers hang from beams in antler, iron, decorative metal or even crystal.

Don't despair if you lack the tall ceilings, lightweight faux beams are available, and rustic styled light fixtures can remain hanging from ceiling. Light sculptures can work well in this style, as long as the theme is rustic.

Floors are preferably wide plank boards, but wood of other widths will work.

Staircases are wide with decorative balusters and newels, including those made of natural trees and branches.

Rustic Elegance Style
Rustic elegance speaks of times past when quality was standard and natural materials were often used. Those who could afford it would have goods shipped by wagon across great distances that could take months until the birth of the railroad.

Most people who like the style also like the patina of age, but some do not, and to forego the patina is perfectly acceptable.

Today's rustic elegance has many more options than the generations of long ago. Comfort is one of the benefits of today's market, unlike generations past when children were required to sit on hard horsehair settees in the parlor, while the adults took advantage of the leather chairs.

Rustic elegance style uses warm earthy colors. The maroons, violets and gold of sunsets, shades of brown such as saddle and yummy caramel, the green of trees and the blues of turquoise, robin's egg or sky blues. Window treatments when used at all are filmy opaque or sheers. If lighting isn't a problem the style allows you use darker colors and thicker fabrics, but keep in mind rustic elegance takes advantage of views when available. Textures are a major feature with this style. Think baskets, blankets, coarse weaves, animal hides and rugs in western style or bold colors. If native weaving isn't on your favorites list go with animal hide, real or faux, leathers work extremely well with this style as well.

If you would like to add a little more modern to your rustic forego the large wooden bedroom furniture and substitute with leather headboard and leather topped tables. Dining room chairs with leather upholstery will add a more modern touch. Faux leather and faux swede paint finishes work beautifully with or without wooden beams or logs to provide the aura of rustic style to a more traditional wall.

If you aren't a fan of taxidermy heads staring at you from the walls invest in art. Western art reproductions are generally affordable, as are nature scenes and wildlife. Large sand paintings on canvas also work well for the western theme. If you are lucky enough to have the large log cabin or lodge, think big. Small items like pictures tend to disappear against logs. Use wooden frames in a color or finish that will be seen rather than disappear into your logs, such as dark oak against a light pine for example. Use large colored vases and flower pots with tall brightly colored flowers or pert greenery that will stand out from the walls color.

If you are stuck with a brick fireplace and hate it, consider having stucco applied to it. Or if you have no fireplace at all consider a faux fireplace in stucco with electric logs. It is always best to use a professional for installation as most electric logs have the option of producing heat which will require head, depth and side clearances to prevent a potential fire.

Leather Furniture
Leather furniture is the perfect companion for the rustic elegance style. It has all the ingredients needed for the style, elegance, comfort, durability, natural materials and a wide choice of warm earthy colors. Options are available for a look that is more western, or less if you prefer. You can choose a finish that appears distressed, or allow it to age gracefully on its own.

Shades of brown leather couches and elegant tufted leather sofas will work well with rustic elegance, as will leather in gold, and shades of cream. Leather sectional sofas work extremely well in large rooms than can accommodate them. Rustic is not a style than looks its best with clutter, but it also doesn't mesh as well with the minimalist approach. Rustic elegance shines its best when space is maintained around furniture, as it inclines to reflect natures open spaces, yet surrounds you with the warmth and beauty of natural color and treasured items. If you have the space, an appropriate collection of like themed objects can mesh very well with this style as long as it isn't over done.

That is the beauty of the rustic elegance style, it is adaptable, just as settlers once had to adapt to the lack of a lumber mill and hardware store. So too will this style allow you the room to integrate your preferences into a rustic but elegant and comfortable home you will love.

Whether you love rustic or another style, The Leather Sofa Company can provide the style, color and comfort you desire in all of your leather furniture. We use only hand-picked, first quality genuine leather and master craftsmen who hand craft your leather furniture in Texas. We provide premium leather furniture without the premium price. Give us a call today, we will be glad to assist you!

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