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The Leather Sofa Company began with Mitch and DeAnn Lurie's vision of designing, producing and selling premium, custom crafted leather furniture using the finest artisans and craftsmen available. Eighteen years later, the dream has exceeded all of their expectations with six retail showrooms in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metro area, as well as the Outlet Center in Lewisville, TX.

With so many mass produced lines of foreign made furniture flooding the American market and showrooms, they wanted to set their goals higher than most leather furniture manufacturers strive for.

Mitch and DeAnn wanted an exclusive line of products that would hands down be a cut-above the rest. They wanted to create beautiful one-of-a-kind leather furniture of superb craftsmanship that would be an enduring legend to the disappearing quality of American Made products. They knew producing a custom piece of furniture one piece at a time in their Texas location, was the best way to ensure the premium quality of a high end product, while maintaining a reasonable cost to the consumer.

Leather Furniture
The Leather Sofa Company uses select premium American hardwoods, a quality product that endures when foreign soft wood furniture do not. Leathers are hand selected first quality available in a wide range of colors, textures and finishes. In addition, we offer the consumer a wide choice of cushions, furniture legs, nailheads and stitching options.

The Leather Sofa Company takes pride in knowing their leather furniture products are in homes nationwide. From their skilled artists and craftsmen to their dedicated sales persons, all have created a company that is popular and recognized nationwide, with a name synonymous with luxurious quality and great individualized service. Our dedicated sales staff really goes the extra mile to ensure you receive a product that you are happy with.

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