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The clean lines and well lit, open spaces of the contemporary style make it one of today's most popular designs. The contemporary style uses few accessories, providing an open, airy atmosphere where less is more. Contemporary leather furniture is ideal for the style, embodying the natural element, the comfort and clean smooth lines and texture the style calls for.

Contemporary colors are neutral, and provide one of the hallmarks of the design. The colors and undertones of cream, white, beige, tan, and black are the foundation of contemporary colors and provide quiet sophistication.

Minimalism is an additional feature of contemporary design. The case for 'less is more' is typical of the design. Large open spaces are made to seem larger with the minimalist approach. Large-scale contemporary leather furniture will nicely suit a large contemporary room. Furniture arrangement takes advantage of a view if present, and provides additional conversation areas for exceptionally large open spaces. It is in the large contemporary room that leather sectionals are most at home.

Contemporary Style | Contemporary Leather Furniture
The placement of leather furniture around a fireplace is a pleasing arrangement, and typical of the contemporary style. The size of a space will determine furniture placement, or the need and ability for multiple 'zones'. When arranging furniture leave some space between the pieces to provide a more open feel. This is especially important in smaller rooms to promote a contemporary atmosphere.

Texture is another feature of the style with jute, bamboo and linen textiles.

The floors of the contemporary space are tiled, wood or vinyl. If your only option is carpet, select neutral colors and use contemporary area rugs.

If your contemporary space features high, lofty ceilings, use contemporary chandeliers to minimize the appearance of the ceiling height. Contemporary chandeliers will also add an additional layer to the contemporary decor that beautifully complements sophisticated contemporary leather furniture. Keep in mind, lighting is important in the style. When natural light is available it fits perfectly with the contemporary theme.

Accessories can be used to add a pop of color, but keep in mind the minimalism of contemporary design allows for few accessories. A clear or white vase with a few bright flowers, or light to medium greenery. Window treatments, rugs and pillows can be textured, but neutral is preferable. The contemporary style never uses excessively carved wood, lace, ruffles or flowery prints.

The contemporary style allows for some rule bending. To add a touch of color, the use of a few colored pillows on the sofa with neutral pillows is acceptable. If the size of the space allows without crowding, a display or two of larger objects is perfectly fine. An example would be a contemporary vase display in solid colors or bright colored glass. Keep the desired mood in mind when selecting these accessories. Be cautious not to add too much color in the contemporary space.

Modern contemporary leather furniture displays the straight lines and suave sophistication that the style embodies. However, contemporary style doesn't require straight lines and sharp angles. A slight curve can be used in some cases, as long as it is in keeping with the contemporary theme.

Contemporary leather furniture can utilize wooden legs or metal legs if you like a little industrial added to the mix. The visibility of furniture legs is a typical feature of the style. Chrome can be used to reflect light, keeping in theme with the well lit space of the contemporary style. When used with a black leather couch, metal elevates the element of modern sophistication up another notch.

The Leather Sofa Company offers a large selection of contemporary leather furniture. With more than 120 selections of colors and finishes you are sure to find leather that suits your lifestyle. Our leather furniture is handcrafted, providing you with the best quality construction, the highest grades of leather and largest selection to fit any style.

Drop by any of our seven showrooms in Texas, or shop online with The Leather Sofa Company. Give our knowledgeable customer service agents a call if you require assistance with our site or have questions. We will be glad to provide the assistance you need when selecting your beautiful new contemporary leather furniture. The Leather Sofa Company provides the first class quality you require, made entirely in the USA.

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