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When it is time to shop for custom leather furniture, and you want a natural product with enduring quality, luxurious comfort and unparalleled class, leather furniture may very well be what you are looking for. If you are looking for superior quality American Made leather furniture in furniture stores in Frisco, TX at reasonable prices, look no further than The Leather Sofa Company. We offer online shopping as well as seven showrooms in the Dallas/Fort Worth region.

Proudly manufactured in Lewisville, TX, our sofas, loveseats, chairs, sectional sofas, ottomans, theater seating, office chairs and recliners are handcrafted from premium aniline dyed top and full-grain leathers. Our talented artisans and master carpenters are dedicated to providing the finest attention to detail in every aspect of the creation of our fine products.

We offer leather furniture to complement almost any style. The natural elegance of leather imparts the warm ambiance you desire for an earthy style, the cool sophistication of contemporary leather furniture the elegant luxury of a traditional style, or even a red leather couch for a room designed for modern leather furniture with a bold statement.

The Leather Sofa Company | Furnitures Stores in Frisco, TX
Leather furniture outlasts cloth upholstery many times over, and developing a beautiful patina and becoming softer with age. The Leather Sofa Company offer more than 120 colors and finishes with options for a custom style suited to your individual taste. We offer you the variety of selections to provide custom comfort and the perfect accompaniment for your room, style and life. Drop by one of our furniture stores in Frisco, TX or any of our showrooms to experience the visual, tactical and heart-warming beauty and quality of our handcrafted leather furniture.

When you are planning a room many people already have some idea of the look they desire. Yet upholstered furniture often does little for a room. Leather furniture on the other hand, complements any style without overwhelming it, adding class and sophistication, elevating the style of any room. It is a bit like buying a new car, the fabric upholstery looks okay, but leather upholstery brings the car to a whole new level of beauty in form and function and lends grand class.

Perhaps you are planning a stylish room to entertain, a place for friends and family to gather and enjoy good conversation and good times together. Whether this room is an entertainment room, a home theater built to impress, or a home bar with comfortable seating to watch the game, stylish leather furniture will provide the comfort to relax your guests, the beauty to please their senses and the durability to ensure it will be there for the making of many more memories. Allow us to help you make warm memories, drop in our furniture stores in Frisco, TX or any of our showrooms to experience the luxury of leather furniture first hand.

Shop online, or visit any of our seven showrooms in Texas to order your custom leather furniture from The Leather Sofa Company. Elevate your style, as well as your life with the comfort of durable premium leather. When visiting our furniture stores in Frisco, TX our knowledgeable sales staff will be glad to assist you in the design and ordering process. 

When you want first quality that will last for decades, shop The Leather Sofa Company. Give us a call for assistance when shopping online, or visit our furniture stores in Frisco, TX or any of our five locations, we will be happy to assist you.

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