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Enhance your home or office with rich top grain leather furniture from The Leather Sofa Company of Lewisville, Texas. Hand crafted in a variety of styles and more than 120 colors and finishes, our fine leather furniture will provide sumptuous comfort and classy style for years to come.

Whether you are looking for a leather couch, theater seating, loveseats, sectionals, ottomans, chairs or recliners, we have a style created for your living space. If you enjoy entertaining clients, friends and family, we can provide your home with luxurious leather furniture Dallas, that is dressed to impress.

Using only the very best premium, hand selected top and full grain leathers, assures your leather finish will endure. Aniline dyed, it ages gracefully and only improves with age.

American Made Top Grain Leather Furniture
Our large variety of choices in handcrafted premium leather furniture styles and options ensures you will find a selection to elevate your style in home, office or clubhouse.

Whether you are creating the warm ambiance of a luxurious lodge, the cool sophistication of a loft, the clean lines of relaxing contemporary leather furniture that quietly complements the room, or the elegance of tufted leather furnishings for a historical home, you will find The Leather Sofa Company will be able to assist you in providing the style and quality you require.

Superior master crafted leather furniture, made in the USA by American craftsmen and carpenters, each specializing in their field of expertise.

When you want only the very best, The Leather Sofa Company provides for your leather furniture needs. Available in our six locations surrounding the Dallas/Fort Worth region, including two locations for furniture stores in Dallas. Reasonably priced, made to last in the USA. Affordable luxury provided by The Leather Sofa Company.

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