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Warm elegance, luxurious comfort and enduring quality are the attributes of fine leather furniture. If you are looking for first quality leather furniture in furniture stores in Dallas, TX look no further than The Leather Sofa Company with five locations of showrooms in the Dallas/Fort Worth and surrounding areas, including Frisco.

Proudly manufactured in Lewisville, TX, our American Made Sofas, Loveseats, Chairs, Sectionals, Ottomans, Theater Seating, and Recliners are crafted by master craftsmen from premium select aniline dyed top and full-grain leathers. Each of our craftsmen and carpenters are experts in their fields, dedicated to providing the utmost attention to detail in each and every aspect of the design to completion process.

Leather furniture can complement any style for home or office. The natural elegance of leather can impart a warm ambiance, a cool sophistication, a natural earthiness, or elegant luxury to any room.

Furniture Stores in Dallas, TX
Maintaining room temperature leather is not cold as many believe, breathable leather adjusts quickly to body temperature. Soft and smooth to the senses it cradles you in comfort. Outlasting cloth upholstery 5 to 1, leather is a practical choice for long lasting beauty. The Leather Sofa Company offers a large assortment of colors, leathers and finishes in a wide variety of styles as well as options. Choose your style for custom comfort to blend perfectly in your home or office.

Shop online, or visit one of our five locations to order your custom personalized leather furniture from The Leather Sofa Company. Elevate your style with the comfort and class of leather. When visiting one of our furniture stores in Dallas, TX our helpful sales staff will be glad to assist you in the design and ordering process.

Financing options are available through Wells Fargo Financial National Bank, designed to fit any budget.

When you want a first quality furniture store in Dallas, TX; shop The Leather Sofa Company.

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